Place for travellers and locals to meet

From the very beginning Cocoroom has put up a front as a coffee shop. Truly different kinds of people visit Cocoroom: the elderly, the disabled, those in need, passers-by, those who have interests in the area. It is often hard to communicate with people with different backgrounds and differing values. So, be open-minded and say hello. With a cup of tea, enjoy your time, enjoy people you meet at Cocoroom.

Let’s eat home-made meals!

Lunch:12:00 p.m Dinner 18:00 p.m 700yen〜

We spend time around the dining table with travellers, passers-by, neighbours, kids, volunteers, and staffs. You feel like a member in a big family. Meals at Cocoroom are Japanese home-made style with plenty of vegetables. Please help us prepare and make meals, when you have time.

BBQ at the Garden

Nishinari, where Cocoroom is located, is famous for Horumonyaki (ホルモン焼き). Horumonyaki is a kind of Japanese Yakiniku made from beef or pork offal. You can find offal at Tsurumibashi shopping street and cook it at Cocoroom’s garden. Let us know if you are interested in it.

Curry for a large group

For a group of visitors such as students or study tour participants, we offer Japanese curry or hashed beef rice. Contact us by email or phone in advance.