Staff Wanted

We are looking for those who has concern in
・the business of hotel or cafe
・the management of art-related activities
・the position of an executive director of NPO
・volunteer work

Pursuing the way of expression and the relationship with society, NPO called Cocoroom has been closely related to the area and continued its artistic activity for more than 10 years here in Nishinari, Osaka. In the spring of 2016 we started "Cocoroom -accommodation, cafe, and the courtyard", and have tried to create opportunities for people such as the locals and the travelers to have a relationship between themselves.

Specifically, we are working on the business of hotel and cafe, practical studies named Kamagasaki Art College, Kamagasaki O! pera, and Art Program for the Elderly as Ties to a Community, going rounds at night, coordinating the street infirmary, and so on.

Meeting people through work and responding to them, we go on with what we can do. Most tasks are not specific and we are always struggling with issues which don’t have any clear solutions. So an active and a broad-minded attitude is required.

When you want to join us, please write an essay to submit about why you want to, how you think we can discuss and understand each other, what you want to tell yourself when you are at a loss about working, what you are interested in, and what you are good at.

Anyway, why don’t you come for tea or stay, and help us something. Please see what it is like to work here.