Try to say "Konnichiwa"

Cocoroom started in 2003. Its official name is “Incorporated Nonprofit, Room of Voice (koe), Words (kotoba), and Soul (kokoro).” Voice is the expression of life, Words are expression in response, and the Soul is the wings for imagination. As the full name indicates, Cocoroom is exploring how these different aspects of expression can engage with society or not.

In 2008 we moved to Kamagasaki, where truly all kind of people live, and has organised art and social activities such as “Kama Gei” (Kamagasaki Univeristy of Arts), street medical clinic and the nightwatch for homeless people. In April 2016 we moved again and opened the Cocoroom Guesthouse Café and Garden to make a space for travelers and local people to meet each other.


Meet, express, and have a relationship, generously

Having roots in the community, Cocoroom is creationg opportunities of meeting people with different backgrounds, expressing and studying each other. Through living, work, and the relationship, we go on with our activity respecting each other to live honesty and connecting to society. We hope there will be much occasion for people of meeting and therefore, we are pretending to be a cafe or a hotel. We are not doing anything of a profession, but cooking, cleaning up, planning events, doing office work, and sometimes cooperating with other organizations. You might get into an awkward situation at times. When you are in it, let’s breathe deeply and be generous. Things sometimes do not go well, but let’s move on for another nice meeting.

Life like a theater in Cocoroom

Everyday “Cocoroom Show”

We have lots of unplanned events; everyday life at Cocoroom is like a TV show or human drama performed together by funny staffs, various guests and locals. Visitors often use our space for a book club, music live, art performance etc…

Upcoming Events

Check planned events on facebook or our website. As you already know, there are lots of "unplanned events." Please come and see what is really going on at Cocoroom.

Kama Gei (Kamagaki University of Arts)

Since 2012, Kama Gei (Kamagasaki University of Arts) has offered a wide range of courses such as astronomy, philosophy, art, poetry, music, geology, gamelan (Indonesian instrument) etc. It’s for free to anyone (donation welcome!).

Street Medical Clinic

Once a month, at the entrance of Cocoroom, nurses, dentists, and dental hygienists provide medical care and advice for free.Nightwatch for the homeless.

Nightwatch for the homeless

With tea, rice balls and letters prepared in the evening, we do the nightwatch for homeless people from 8pm. Afterwards, we have a brief meeting to discuss the issue of homelessness.

School of Poetry

The manager of Cocoroom, Kanayo Ueda, has organised the poem making workshop since 2002. Once a month at Outenin. You meet people, listen to others and make a poem. Fee is 1,000 yen (If you are in an economically difficult situation, let us know).

Haiku Club

The club is held randomly to make and enjoy the shortest type of poems, Haiku.

Study Tour "Exploring Kamagasaki"

We organise a study tour focusing on the history and the current situation of the local area, Kamagasaki. Hopefully it enables you to think about your neighbourhood.