Beautiful garden in Kamagasaki

Bright sunshine. Earthy smell and gentle breeze beneath a blue sky. The sound of insects in the quiet of the night. This is a place where you can sleep in the hammock, meditate deeply, or just boogie your heart out.

Hirama Memorial Park

One guy helping us make the garden. His name is Mr Hirama, he usually used a wheelchair, because he was in need of nursing care. But when he was making the garden, he somehow stood up and walked around.

Mr. Tohsuke Hirama

Later we found that he had been a construction worker living in the apartment that used to be right here. One day, after working in the garden, we said goodbye, and the next day he died of a heart attack.

We still have a feeling Mr. Hirama would be at the garden.

Mini vegetable garden

Small vegetable garden that we take care of with the children at the local kindergarten. We grow Spinach, Japanese radish, and green peas.

Power spot

It seems that there used to be sacred place at the corner of the garden. The space is covered by tropical flora. In summer it attracts mosquitoes.

France figs

At the centre of the garden we plant a France figs tree given by Morimura Yasumasa. Around the France figs, there is a monument made from waste materials excavated from the garden.

The gardener Mr. S

We didn’t know the way of making and trimming the garden. When we called for help, Mr. S was introduced to us. He was surprised but excited at the bigger garden than he expected. Thanks to him, the garden is becoming like a botanical garden.

To those who want to use the garden

The garden can be the good space for music live, theatre, workshop, party, etc. Usually, it is charged according to the length of time. Please let us know in advance, if you would like to use the garden.

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